In our Primary Junior classes, students embark on an enriching educational journey, beginning with Year 3/SD2 and progressing to Year 6/SD5. Our curriculum is bilingual and bicultural, teaching in both English and Indonesian and following the U.K and Indonesian National Curriculums. Graduates receive the Sekolah Dasar Curriculum, aligning them with their Indonesian peers, and participate in U.K National Assessments. This integrated approach fosters a global perspective, enhances academic excellence, and prepares students for long-term career opportunities.


Year 3/SD 2
Age 7

🐅 Tiger Class

For 7-year-olds, our Tiger Class ignites a passion for learning. Exploration, independence, and academic excellence define this journey.


Year 4/SD 3
Age 8

🦁 Lion Class

Our Lion Class, for 8-year-olds, fosters leadership and a thirst for knowledge. Teamwork and curiosity drive success here.


Year 5/SD 4 & Year 6/SD 5
Age 9 - 10

🐆 Cheetah Class

At 9 and 10, the Cheetah Class empowers students with critical thinking and creativity, propelling them toward academic achievement.

Teaching Staff

Bapak Putu

Class Teacher

Ibu Yuris

Class Teacher

Ibu Jenny

Class Teacher

Ibu Desak

Teaching Assistant

Bapak Sky

Teaching Assistant

Ibu Vera

Teaching Assistant