Eearly Years foundational skills (EYFS)

We offer a truly unique educational experience for young learners at Bilingual Community School, teaching the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum from the UK bilingually. This means that 50% of teaching instruction is in Indonesian and 50% is in English, with elements of Indonesian culture woven into the curriculum wherever possible. This approach provides our pupils with a strong foundation in early education while fostering cultural appreciation and bilingual proficiency.

We offer a balanced and immersive educational experience that combines the high educational standards of the UK curriculum with bilingualism and cultural enrichment. We believe that this approach not only sets our students up for academic success heading into primary school, but also helps them become culturally aware, empathetic, and well-rounded individuals.


EY 1/TPA 1

🦎 Gecko Class

For those turning 1 by 1 July 2023. A world of sensory exploration awaits our youngest learners.

(Can join at 18 months old)


EY 2/TPA 2

🐢 Turtle Class

For kids turning 2 by 1 July 2023. Igniting curiosity and fostering early steps of independence through play and interaction.



🐒 Monkey Class

For children turning 3 by 1 July 2023. Playful hands-on exploration and group fun define this class.



🦒 Giraffe Class

Also for those turning 3 by 1 July 2023. A broader focus on foundational knowledge and creative expression.

The Curriculum

The EYFS curriculum is renowned worldwide for its emphasis on holistic development in the early years. It covers various aspects of a child’s growth, including physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development, and places a strong emphasis on play-based learning, which is essential for young children’s creativity, curiosity, and overall development.

Bilingual Learning

Bilingualism is a valuable skill in today’s interconnected world. By providing 50% of instruction in English and Indonesian languages, we give students the opportunity to acheive Native proficiency in both. Learning in a language naturally exposes students to the culture and traditions of Indonesia, enhancing their cultural awareness and appreciation.

Teaching Staff

Ibu Made

Class Teacher

Ibu Dewi

Class Teacher

Ibu Andri

Class Teacher

Ibu Bulan

Class Teacher

Ibu Komang


Ibu Ria


Ibu Nia