About Us

Our Beginning

Our school was first conceived from a very personal perspective, and from a very specific set of needs and  beleif that if we did it ourselves we could do it differently. All aspects were considered. Budget – that of a national plus school, but with the education standards upheld by International School. Intergrating the local SD curriculum into the UK National Curriculum for EYFS and Primary to senure that maintaining these standards would result in a stnadard of excellence delivered bilingually and respect for culture

a quest for excellence became the driving force.

Despite extensive searches, we could not find an institution that encompassed all the essential elements they held dear. 

Affordability was also paramount, a commitment to quality education accessible to all families. It became apparent that striking this balance was a rare feat in the educational landscape. 

With two of our three Indonesian founders having mixed nationality families, the cultural and linguistic heritage of our children was at the forefront of our minds, and as we began to share this vision with fellow parents and educators, we quickly realised that this was something that many of us were seeking; a school where English and Indonesian languages shared equal prominence, acknowledging the pivotal role each played in our diverse society and honoring both sides of our childrens heritage as integral to producing the well rounded adults no sense of loss.

The notion of an institution that not only taught subjects to international school standards but also upheld the values and ethos of the local culture was central to the founding philosophy. This aspiration stemmed from a deep-rooted belief in the richness of Indonesian heritage and the importance of preserving it in the global context. Thus, the dream of Bilingual Community School was conceived – a haven where academic rigor meets affordability, where linguistic and cultural diversity converge, and where every child is afforded the opportunity to flourish on an international stage.

Through unwavering dedication and collaboration, our founders worked tirelessly to turn this vision into reality. They understood that a school of this caliber was not only a need but a calling, a beacon of hope for families seeking a holistic education that honored their values. Today, Bilingual Community School stands as a testament to their tenacity and unwavering belief in the potential of every child. It is a place where dreams are nurtured, where young minds are molded, and where the tapestry of Indonesian culture is interwoven with the fabric of global education.


To provide our children with a culturally sensitive education, delivered holistically, thematically and bilingually to the U.K. National Curriculum standards, in a homely and stimulating environment.


To nurture thoughtful, articulate and creative critical thinkers, able to express themselves equally in English and Indonesian.

Commitments To Parents

We Are a Community For Our Kids, Our Teachers And All Our Families.​
We value reading! Reading cultivates creativity and critical thinking, and is a tool to expand vocabulary, and discover knowledge.
We have a culture of respect and an emphasis on learning from each other.

We are entirely Billingual

We set clear boundaries and expectations, producing happy, well-adjusted kids.
We have small class sizes and a high teacher to student ratio giving students the personalised attention required to achieve their learning goals in two languages.