Our primary infant classes are tailored to nurture young minds at crucial developmental stages. The Eagle Class facilitates a smooth transition into structured learning for 4-year-olds. Parrot Class, for 5-year-olds, is a vibrant setting encouraging creativity and individuality. Peacock Class, for 6-year-olds, combines exploration with structured learning, preparing them for a fruitful educational journey ahead. Each class is designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning, ensuring a well-rounded early education.


Reception/TK A
Age 4

🦅 Eagle Class

For the fledgling learners turning 4.

In the Eagle Class, we initiate the flight of imagination and curiosity in a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Year 1/TK B
Age 5

🦜 Parrot Class

Tailored for the lively minds turning 5.

Through interactive lessons and playful activities, our little parrots will find their unique voices and colors, nurturing their individuality and enthusiasm for learning.


Year 2/SD 1
Age 6

🦚 Peacock Class

For eager minds turning 6.

We aim to foster a rich and fulfilling learning environment, ensuring our young peacocks strut into the future with confidence and a love for learning.

Teaching Staff

Ibu Diyan

Class Teacher

Ibu Surya

Class Teacher

Bapak Janu

Class Teacher

Ibu Kadek


Ibu Ina


Ibu Fara