Curriculum at Bilingual Community School Bali

Bilingual and bicultural school

As a bilingual and bicultural school we teach equally in both languages, and we follow the National Curriculums of both the U.K and Indonesia.

Integrated approach to curriculum.

We are very proud of our integrated approach to our curriculum, which allows for a deeper understanding and appreciation of both languages and cultures, thereby giving our students access to a global perspective, contributing to academic excellence and long term enhanced career opportunities.

U.K National Curriculum

At BCS we internally hold ourselves to the high standards set by the U.K National Curriculum, and partake in the U.K National Assessments undertaken by all other Primary school children in the U.K.

Registered with the government of Indonesia.

BCS is registered to the Education Ministry in Indonesia, and your child will graduate the Sekolah Dasar Curriculum just like all other Indonesian kids they know.